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Microplastic particles drained from domestic washing machines contribute to water pollution, especially when they are too fine to be captured by existing filter systems. This patented technology can reduce their presence in the water discharge without increasing energy consumption or complicating appliance maintenance.

Technical features

Microplastic pollution is becoming an increasing concern for the wellbeing of the marine environment and consequently for human health. Currently attempts to reduce the release of microplastics/microfibers from domestic laundering appliances with micrometric mesh filters or washing bags have proven largely ineffective. This patented system approaches the problem by redesigning the entire discharge system of the washing machine, including the centrifugal pump and tube geometry. This innovative system can aggregate microfibres into particles of greater size that will be more easily withheld by a filter, without interrupting the flow of water during draining. This technology can also be applied to dishwashers or washer dryer combos.

Possible Applications

  • Washing machines; 
  • Dish washers; 
  • Dryers; 
  • Washer Dryer combos; 
  • Waste water treatment. 


  • Greater efficiency in capturing microfibers and reducing their dispersion in the environment; 
  • Reduced maintenance frequency; 
  • Greater reliability; 
  • Eco-friendly brand reputation of the appliance; 
  • No impact on the quality of the wash.