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Microfluidic platform for organoid culture: micro-droplet plate

Drug screeningModular microfluidic platformOrganoid culture


The microfluidic platform for organoid culture is a disposable modular platform that allows the drug screening on organoids and allows physical access to cells and culture medium. The platform, composed of two layers, allows the generation of drops of matrix containing organoids.

Technical features

A modular, single-use platform for drug screening on organoids. The platform will allow physical access to culture and medium, as well as optical access. The platform is composed of two layers. The Top layer allows for generation of matrix droplet containing a cell suspension: automatic filling of organoid/cell suspension in a matrix/hydrogel, based on capillary mechanism and surface design. Microfluidic valves and/or moving parts are used to separate the matrix drops and guarantee chemical/biological isolation. Organoids will be cultured in drops that will be suspended in standard 96, 384, 1536 wells  plates.

Possible Applications

  • High throughput drug screening on organoids for the study of complex pharmacological approaches;
  • The platform will be compatible with standard laboratory consumables and will allow a high number of repetitions to be achieved without the need to purchase expensive automated robotic systems.


  • Quick, automatic formation of matrigel drops;
  • Reproducibility and uniformity of the volume of obtained drops;
  • Modularity and compatibility with standard instruments for use in biological laboratories;
  • Easy recover of droplet with biological samples;
  • Chemical-physical separation between one sample and another.