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Micro-rna inhibitor for treatment of angiogenesis

AngiogenesisAnti angiogenic activityAnti tumor activityHypoxiamiR-675-5p inhibitor


The invention is based on the use of the inhibition of micro RNA 675-5p (miRbase MIMAT0004284) to turn off the molecular mechanisms driven by hypoxic condition and, in particular, the hypoxia induced angiogenesis. The use of the inhibitor can therefore have a therapeutic power in all pathological conditions where a decrease in molecular oxygen leads to the activation of aberrant angiogenesis.

Technical features

The invention, based on the identification of the micro-RNA hsa-miR-657-5p as pivotal in hypoxic responses, identify a therapeutic use for its inhibitor. This, showing a straight effect on the inhibition of both VEGF and HIF-1α, represents a pharmacologically active agent that simultaneously exhibits anti-angiogenic activity and, most in general, HIF-1α targets inhibition. By the use of only one inhibitor, is possible to reduce aberrant angiogenesis together with the inhibition of the regulatory feedback that, in response to reduced blood supply, increases the hypoxic process. The main areas of application becomes chronic inflammation and oncology, in the last one, the use of the inhibitor contrasts both with angiogenesis and with the hypoxia tumour invasiveness, thus blocking tumour growth.

Possible Applications

  • Pathologies characterized by aberrant angiogenesis;
  • Chronic inflammations characterized by hypoxic conditions;
  • Oncology:
  • To inhibit the hypoxia;
  • To block neo-angiogenesis;
  • To block invasivity;
  • To inhibit tumour growth.


  • High efficiency in vitro and in vivo;
  • Effective in vivo in murine models, even by systemic administration;
  • Effective in the reduction of tumour mass;
  • Selective action only on the pathologic cells that over express the miR-675-5p;
  • Selective on specific target genes.