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Micro and nanoplastics sensor

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It’s a system to identify and quantify micro and nanoplastics, favoring both the detection and the quantification in water or biological samples, in order to reduce environmental pollution.


Technical features

The invention aims to provide a solution to the problem of pollution deriving from plastic in the environment. The very recent awareness of the high degree of pollution, especially of water, originating from micro and nanoplastics and of the possible harmful effects on living species, is pushing to find sensitive and simple methods for the recognition, visualization and quantification of these materials, both in water and in biological samples. Currently there is no method that presents all the necessary features to satisfy these requirements: for this reason an innovative system has been designed, in order to allow the detection and recognition of micro and nanoplastics in the environment, in water or in biological samples, using biocompatible materials that allow a quick and easy identification and potentially quantification of these fragments.

Possible Applications

  • Toxicological and environmental analysis;
  • Imaging of micro and nanoplastics both in the water environment and in biological samples offering, among the possible advantages, a high sensitivity and the possibility to distinguish among different types of material with simple and inexpensive methodologies.


  • High sensitivity of the system to the detection of micro and nanoplastics;
  • The system is simple to realize, biocompatible and low cost;
  • The instruments are widespread and based on consolidated technology;
  • It allows to differentiate between the various types of material.