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MICELI: Microfluidic Chip for Real-Time Platelet Aggregation Measurement

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The MICELI is a simple, inexpensive, effective, reliable, compact device to assess platelet aggregation mechanisms (both its onset, progression and degree of severity) to guide and provide warning signs of disease progression and response to antiplatelet (drug) therapy.

Technical features

Thrombosis or “clot formation” is a pathological process involved in numerous heart diseases, such as heart attack and peripheral arterial disease. The activation of the platelets starts the coagulation process, and their subsequent aggregation progressively leads to the formation of the clot, occlusion of the vessel, ischemia of the tissue, heart attack and finally to death. MYCELI is a simple, inexpensive, effective and reliable device for the evaluation of the platelet activation mechanism (initiation, progression and severity), which can provide information on the risk of developing a thromboembolic event and on the response to antiplatelet therapy. The MICELI prototype is composed of three confined layers of polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) which contain i) a central chamber, ii) two micro-channels for the insertion of the antiplatelet agent and iii) two silver electrodes for measuring the variation of impedance as a function of the dynamics of platelet aggregation.

Possible Applications

  • Diagnostics of platelet aggregation for pre-operative analysis and follow-ups, in hospitals, clinics as well as at home and within primary laboratory facilities.


  • Portable and movable device, which can also be used outside clinics and in developing countries;
  • Economic and fast alternative to existing solutions.