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Method to quantify pesticides in biological matrices

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As part of a study on the biological effects of glyphosate and AMPA (its main metabolite), we have developed a procedure to extract and quantify the two molecules in samples of experimental interest, such as biological fluids and cell lysates.

Technical features

To date, the extraction / quantification techniques of glyphosate and AMPA are developed independently by the research laboratories of the sector, in the absence of a standard procedure that is easy to apply. At the same time, in the private sector, it is possible to obtain quantifications with methods that are not disseminated due to trade secrets and with very high costs that limit the analysis to a small number of samples. Our product, potentially marketable, is based on a procedure aimed at the purification of glyphosate and AMPA in biological and inorganic matrices through pre-column derivatization and subsequent analysis in high pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC-UV) and allows laboratories with of chromatographic tools to detect these pesticides with an increase in processing capacity, a decrease in costs and without the need to acquire reagents and specific material. Our kit is highly specific to the analytes in question and the procedures are robust and repeatable.

Possible Applications

  • Artisan food production sector;
  • QC of the agro-food chain;
  • Low processing test laboratories;
  • Food processing companies with or without internal QC laboratory;
  • Basic research in the field of chemistry, biochemistry and molecular biology of pesticides and herbicides.


  • Cost reduction: our procedure is based on a very common technology with low processing costs;
  • Easy application and user friendly: our method does not require a specific training and/or special resources assignment.