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Method to make fat-substitutes/imitators

Fat-imitatorFat-substituteFood product


The invention relates to the preparation of a solid plastic emulsion having a reduced content of saturated fatty acids and free of trans isomers.

Technical features

The subject of the patent is a method to obtain a solid plastic emulsion usable as a fat-substitute and/or a fat-imitator foodstuff with rheological characteristics of a solid emulsion. These characteristics can be modulated to meet specific needs. Solid emulsions can be used as an alternative to solid fats for food production, such as bakery products, pastry products, ice cream and confectionery. The product allows to use vegetale oils with high unsatured fatty acid content in solid emulsions similar to butter and margarine.

Possible Applications

  • In alternative to solid fats with high satured fatty acid content;
  • Substitution/replacement of palm oil in foods;
  • Alternative fats for food industry.


  • Versatility of use;
  • Possibility to reduce satured fatty acid content in foods;
  • The product is made using high unsatured fatty acid vegetable oils;
  • The product is suitable to produce puff pastry.