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Method of positioning of receptors for sensory stimuli and related device and equipment

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The invention includes a mathematical method software actuated and the corresponding device for the best positioning of sensors in arrays made by at least three units. Such positioning method can be used for different types of sensors, so allowing never have two overlapped sensors thus ensuring the best positioning. Furthermore, an interconnection with the controller is claimed, either a pc or a device for the array management.

Technical features

Device and method for the best positioning of a sensor array through a mathematical model. The device can be weared for the texture surface analysis during the scanning of a finger tip on a surface. The finger tip can be integrated in a human or robotic hand. The sensors, placed at irrational ratio, never equal distances allow an unambiguous differentiation of the step between two next topping, so giving a truly important information during the tactile manipulation.

Possible Applications

  • Prosthesis;
  • Rehabilitation Robotics;
  • Surgical Robotics;
  • Scanning Robotics;
  • Rescue Robotics;
  • Service Robotics.


  • Capability to identify sensing impulses;
  • Iper spatial acuity without knowing the slipping speed in advance;
  • Best performances of the tactile systems for bio-mechatronic hands;
  • Differentiation of many textures.