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BIPVBuilding Integrated Photo VoltaicIntegrated PV Modulessolar panels


The photovoltaic (PV) module object of the invention is parametrically designed with a typological system made up of a curved glass support which is able to incorporate various types of PV cells or solar light filter layers into its central core. With the core rotated, as well as acting as a reflected daylighting system and fixed shading filter, the PV module has optical properties such as to work as an optical concentrator of the PV cell integrated into it, so as to increase the energy produced by the PV cell itself. .

Technical features

The invention is an architectural component of new generation for the creation of continuous high performance curtain wall façades. The invention represents the most advanced performance-based design method taking into account “Multi criteria”, as it incorporates design features that improve building energy efficiency, PV yield and user comfort. It is a transparent, medium to large sized complex shape glass tile that can be produced by moulding technique, which is relatively economical and environmentally friendly when compared to the processes typical of the production of float glass for the building. It has a central area that can be both transparent and opaque and able to integrate different PV cell technologies and colors. Central area is designed to be rotated at specific angle for each module to control both performance and aesthetic.


Possible Applications

  • Integrated photovoltaic panels in buildings;
  • BIPV (Building Integrated Photo Voltaic);


  • Creates high-performance curtain walls custom solutions with assistance of the most advanced “multi-criteria” performance-based design method;
  • Improve the performance of the photovoltaic modules and building, both for passive (daylighting, glare) and active (such as the generation of electrical power by means of the integrated photovoltaic);