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Green processPainting of aluminum productsSurface treatment of alloys


The invention concerns an innovative method for treating and protecting the surface of metal alloy products, in particular aluminum alloy, ensuring a greater degree of safety in the manufacturing process and better sustainability for environmental purposes than current procedures. The patented method can also be used for the preparation of painting of products made of metal alloy.

Technical features

The invention relates to an innovative treatment of products made of metal alloy, in particular of aluminum alloy, with the main purpose of allowing the protection of the surface in an alternative way, through the use of a stabilising agent, more sustainable from an environmental point of view and safer from a worker health point of view than traditional priming treatment methods using hexavalent chromium salts.

A further application of the invention consists in the treatment of the surface of metal alloy products, to allow the dry adhesion of the paints most used for industrial use, such as polyester-based or alkyd resin-based, epoxy-based powder paints. polyester and polyurethane, compared to traditional priming methods that use hexavalent chromium salts.

In addition to better environmental and safety sustainability, the invention allows to improve the aesthetic and functional characteristics of metal alloy surfaces, as well as increase their resistance to atmospheric agents.

Possible Applications

Surface treatment of metal alloys for use in following sectors:

  • Metal carpentry;
  • Aeronautical;
  • Building;
  • Mechanics and metalworking.


  • Reduction of the use of materials hazardous to human health;
  • Reduction in the need to dispose of materials harmful to the environment;
  • Improvement of the aesthetic and functional characteristics of surfaces in metal alloys;
  • High productivity and cost-effectiveness of the industrial process.