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Method for the production of preserved and semi-preserved in piece vegetables

AcidificationNebulization.Pieces of vegetablePreserves Semi-preservesVegetables


The new method is applicable by means of a simple and inexpensive apparatus suitable for atomizing a defined amount of acid aqueous solution homogeneously. The system does not require specialized labor.

Technical features

The invention deals with a method of production of preserved and semi-preserved vegetables in piece, which are acidified by spraying acid solutions. This treatment is aimed at the pre-stabilization of semi-dehydrated during the drying step of them. A low pH value, is a condition necessary and often also sufficient to inhibit the germination of spores in the production of canned food. The method is simple to apply, safe and reliable.

Possible Applications

  • The technology is ready to industrial use;
  • Its application concerned the production of:
    • Semidry tomato cloves;
    • Dried tomato cloves.


  • Reduction of treatment times;
  • Improved efficiency of acidifying solutions;
  • Elimination of disposal costs for acidifying solutions;
  • Minimum investment and operating costs.