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Method for the creation of database of events

Geological eventsInformatica Tsd EnMedia echo


The invention consists in a method to create and update in a constant, regular and automatic way a database of events with media echo, such as landslides, earthquakes, floods and floods.

Technical features

The timely storage of all information regarding the intensity, location and timing of the risky geological events that occurred in the past allows a better understanding of the phenomena and the study of risk prevention and early warning models able to reduce the negative consequences of the same. Through data-mining techniques, the invention overcomes the gaps of currently existing databases by acquiring continuous, regular and automatic information from the news published on the internet, creating events based on the news processed, associating the event to the place where this happened, cataloging the information thus created.

Possible Applications

  • Safety and civil protection;
  • Development of risk prevention models;
  • Development of early warning models.


  • Constant, regular and automatic storage of information;
  • Complete cataloguing of geological risky events.