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Biomarkercellular metabolismPrenatal Diagnosisrapid diagnosis


The invention relates to a new diagnostic method based on the detection of the metabolism of individual cells. Metabolic abnormalities are associated with particular cell subtypes and / or their functions. The invention makes it possible to measure a particular metabolic activity for each individual cell, allowing to distinguish cell subpopulations with altered activity. These detections allow the diagnosis of numerous diseases.

Technical features

The invention consists in the evaluation of the metabolic activity of single cells for diagnostic purpose. Metabolic activity may reflect a particular cell subtype or the alteration of a cell and therefore its ability to perform its function. From the distribution of some individual cells or from the alteration of their functioning it is possible to identify the presence of some diseases. For example, leukocytes change their metabolic state in the presence of infection or other cause of activation; in general, the leukocyte distribution pattern can be associated with particular health conditions. In the same way, fetal cells show an altered metabolism with respect to circulating leukocytes and are therefore distinguishable with this method. The invention allows to recognize and identify these alterations by performing a less invasive test than the  state of the art and therefore to make a faster and more effective diagnosis.

Possible Applications

  • Bio-marker for infectious diseases;
  • Bio-marker for degenerative diseases;
  • Bio-marker for autoimmune diseases;
  • Method for the isolation of circulating fetal cells and prenatal diagnosis.


  • It allows the metabolic measurement of the single cell;
  • Early diagnosis;
  • Non-invasive diagnostic tests.