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Method for Reconstruction of Parametric CAD models

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The invention consists of a method for the reconstruction of a CAD model with associative-parametric properties starting from: a 3D scan of the object and an associative-parametric CAD template of the object.

Technical features

The method covered by the patent provides for the automatic reconstruction of a CAD model, starting from a digital scan of a real object. The retrieved CAD is parametric and associative and can be edited in all its features and characterstics (dimensions, shape, position). The devised algorithm that implements the method allows the software to modify the template taking the scanned object as reference, so as to adapt the shape of the CAD model upon the 3D data, in a parametric environment and thus allow a more easy re-engineering process. The adaptation process is performed iteratively, thanks to the minimization of a global error function capable of describing the difference between the CAD surfaces and the 3D-scanned ones.

Possible Applications

  • Reverse engineering;
  • Design and modeling;
  • Engineering;
  • Industrial Design.


  • Parametric-Associative CAD as result;
  • Automated approach;
  • Full utilization of 3D data;
  • Reconstructed models can be edited in any feature/part.