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Method for production and use of Edible Antibacterial film



In this patent it is described an edible antibacterial film made with an edible blend; this blend contains at least a probiotic strain producing its bacteriocin. The production method about the film and the potential use of the same are also described.

Technical features

The purpose of this patent is to produce an edible antibacterial film which, containing at least a probiotic strain able to grow and prolifarate and the same time produce its bacteriocin, allow a long lasting antibacterial power. This can be used in refrigerated foods in order to extend the shelf-life. Another purpose of the patent is to provide an edible antibacterial film which, thanks to presence of strain producing the bacteriocin (Lactic bacterium) owns all the typical charactheristics of a probiotic strain. The edible antibacterial film could be swallowed together with the food and so be a vehicle to swallow a probiotic strain.

Possible Applications

  • The film can be used to wrap refrigerated foods either for humans and animals.


  • Packaging reduction;
  • It represents a vehicle to swallow a probiotic strain;
  • The presence of a vital strain allow a constant production of its bacteriocin hence a long lasting antibacterial power (extension of shelf-life);