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The invention relates to a method for producing probiotic microbial biofilms on solid surfaces by combining selected probiotics in specific conditions and concentrations. As formed, these probiotic biofilms are able to control the growth of pathogenic microorganisms. The invention has been designed for various applications in the biomedical, industrial, food and environmental field.

Technical features

The invention is a method for producing functional biofilm for innovative applications. In particular, when co-inoculated on the surface of a solid support (glass, steel, ceramic, polymers, paper and resin) in appropriate conditions e concentrations, a combination of selected probiotic strains quickly produce a biofilm. This probiotic biofilm is a useful mean to control the growth of pathogenic and spoilage bacteria, standing up as an innovative biotechnological solution for industrial and medical applications, both for consumers and industries (food preparation industry, packaging, detergents producers, etc.). Probiotic biofilms can be considered a green technology: they are able to bring many health benefits, are convenient and easy to use, compatible with common health care surfaces and equipments and persistent.

Possible Applications

  • Packaging materials for the food industry (plastic films, films, laminates, etc.);
  • New cleaning and sanitizing solutions for home and hospital use;
  • Production of medical devices such as urinary catheters, implants, orthodontic appliances, braces, dental bites, plastic cutaneous patches, condoms, etc.;
  • Toilet seats;


  • Green technology;
  • Beneficial effects on health;
  • Convenience and ease of use;
  • Possibility of advantageous applications in different fields.