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Method for extracting polyamines

complex natural matrixextractionPolyaminesspermidinesperminewheat germ


The invention describes a new process for the extraction of polyamines from a complex natural matrix, in particular complex food matrix.

Technical features

Linear low molecular weight polyamines are in almost all living organisms; among these, in particular, spermidine is considered an “agent of longevity”.

The current methods of extracting polyamines from wheat germ aren’t very efficient, because they are based method involving extraction with water in acidic conditions, where most wheat germ components are soluble under these conditions; in fact the spermidine currently present in the formulations is around 0.2%. For this reason, a new method was developed: which, thanks to various extraction and filtration steps, it allow to easily obtain a liquid rich in polyamines, which much more concentrated (around 10%). 

By the end of the process, within 24-48 hours, the polyamines can be collected by simple filtration. A more concentrated product is therefore obtained, compared to those currently available, and suitable for food consumption.

Possible Applications

  • Pharmaceuticals;
  • Nutraceuticals;
  • Cosmetics.


  • The process is simple, easily scalable, with food grade reagents;
  • The product has a high content of active ingredient;
  • The process also doesn’t recover any contaminants present in the wheat germ (pesticides etc …).