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Method for diagnosis of neurodegenerative diseases

a-synuclein heterocomplexesdiagnostic testneurodegenerative diseasesRed Blood Cells


A method for the diagnosis of neurodegenerative diseases is described, based on the measurement of the heteromeric complexes of α-synuclein with β-amyloid or with Tau protein in a blood sample. Further objects of the invention are an immunochemical assay for the quantitative determination of the aforementioned heteromeric complexes and a diagnostic kit for performing the assay.

Technical features

The present invention concerns the development of a solid phase enzyme immunoassay that allows to determine the levels of α-synuclein heterocomplexes with β-amyloid or Tau protein in biological fluids (blood, and, where possible, cefalorachidian liquor). The kit will allow a) to define the role of heterocomplexes in the etiopathogenesis of neurodegenerative diseases; b) to develop promising diagnostic tools and drugs for the early diagnosis of pathology and for personalized therapy.

Possible Applications

  • Development of a diagnostic and prognostic kit on blood for neurodegenerative diseases;
  • Development of a commercial kit for research purposes.


  • Quantitative determination of α-synuclein heterocomplexes;
  • Use of peripheral fluid instead of cefalorachidian liquor;
  • Possible diagnosis at a lower cost compared to current diagnostic methods;
  • Possible early diagnosis by preventive screening in non-symptomatic subjects.