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Method and kit for the microinvasive sampling of artifacts

Forensic analysisGellanMicro-samplingMicro-traces analysisRigid-gel


kit containing the necessary for performing a micro-sampling protocol with portions of rigid gel (gellan) associated with analytical techniques such as surface-amplified Raman spectroscopy or mass spectrometry.

Technical features

The method and kit for micro-invasive sampling on artefacts find application in all fields in which it is necessary to perform micro-sampling of trace substances. In particular, the substances are organic such as dyes, traces of substances of biological origin, explosives, drugs, the detection of which can be carried out using analytical techniques suitable for the detection of trace substances. The kit contains components that allow you to perform multiple samplings quickly and easily and to store the gel matrices containing the samples in an orderly and stable manner over time, allowing for spectroscopic analysis even after a long period of time.

Sampling is rapid, effective and micro-invasive and involves a protocol in basic steps:

  1. Micro-sampling of the surface on which the substance to be analyzed is present with an aliquot of the rigid gel matrix, possibly in the presence of organic solvent;
  2. Drying in the sample holder;
  3. Spectroscopic analysis of the micro-sample (s) taken.

Possible Applications

  • Diagnostics for Cultural Heritage;
  • Forensic field.


  • Non-invasive sampling;
  • Analysis of organic or biological substances in traces in a repeatable manner;
  • Non-destruction of the sample undergoing analysis;
  • Quick and easy sampling;
  • Possibility of storing the gel matrices containing the samples in an orderly and stable way over time.