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Method and kit for breast cancer prognosis

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The invention consists of a kit and associated method for identifying genetic signatures of breast cancer. This method allows to recognize in detail the genetic variations of each individual cancer, thus allowing to predict the biological behavior of the specific neoplasm to subsequently help to adequately stratify the risk of metastases. Correctly identifying the cancer molecular subtype opens the door to new therapeutic possibilities.

Technical features

Breast cancer is not to be considered as a single disease. On the basis of clinical and biological parameters we can distinguish at least three different diseases that exhibit different biological behavior and prognosis. Especially for «luminal» carcinomas (which represent about 65% of the total), characterized by particular heterogeneity of biological behavior, biomolecular parameters capable of guiding therapeutic choices are desirable. The genetic tests currently available are very expensive, and many times performed in external laboratories, causing ambiguity in the interpretation of the results. The scientific validation of the genetic signature of the cancer has given objective results on the aggressiveness of the disease.

Possible Applications

  • Breast cancer;
  • Prognosis;
  • Therapy.


  • It identifies more specific genetic variants of the cancer compared to available commercial tests;
  • It can be performed in a national laboratory;
  • Low costs;
  • The extraction of RNA from paraffin samples confirms that immunohistochemistry (surrogate St.Gallen) is not sufficient to characterize the biology of breast cancer.