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Method and device for the analysis of oxidative stress

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The invention deals with the medical methodologies and device that allow biomedical analysis and consists of a new method of quantitative analysis of oxidative stress in biological samples and the device to carry out this method.

Technical features

The condition called “Oxidative Stress” consists in the loss of balance between antioxidant molecules and pro-oxidant chemical species existing in the body. It is frequently associated with multiple physio-pathological conditions such as aging, physical training and work out, dietary imbalances and numerous chronic and acute diseases (neurodegenerative diseases, cardiovascular diseases, autoimmune diabetes, cancer). Current and most common methods and techniques for evaluating oxidative stress offer results that are of limited value and tend to be non-quantitative. On the contrary, the method and the device object of the patent allow an analysis of oxidative stress in quantitative terms, in short times and extremely reduced costs, guaranteeing accurate and reliable results.

Possible Applications

  • Quantitative analysis of oxidative stress in biological samples;
  • Prevention of diseases associated with oxidative stress;
  • Monitoring of specific dietary regimes in progress;
  • Evaluation / Monitoring of the response to physical exercise (professional and non-professional athletes);
  • Evaluation of antioxidant vitamin food intake for possible supplementation and / or supplementation.


  • Quantitative measurement of oxidative stress;
  • Reduction of analysis costs;
  • Reduced analysis time;
  • Minimization of analysis equipment.