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Method and apparatus to classify oranges according to the degree of juiciness

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The invention consists of a method, related software and computer system for its implementation, which estimates the juiciness parameters of citrus fruits non-destructively. Also associated with the method is a device, or the possibility to modify already existing devices, for sorting a batch of citrus fruits, into different categories according to said juiciness parameters.

Technical features

The invention can be used in the agroindustrial field. It concerns a method and computer system for the non-destructive determination of the juiciness of oranges. Regulation EC 1221/2008 requires a minimum of 30% by weight of juice for oranges intended for fresh consumption. To date, only destructive methods exist to determine juiciness. The proposed system, ensures that only small part of the fruits are damaged in the process of defining a juiciness curve, which can be implemented effectively and economically on an industrial scale, allowing the cataloging of fruits.

The method includes three steps: i) collecting the volume, density and weight data from a sample of fruits; ii) collecting the corresponding juice quantity value for each fruit from the sample and calculating the percentage of juice by weight of the fruit; iii) sorting the remaining fruit according to density vs juiciness curve.

Possible Applications

  • Selection of fruit for juice on industrial scale;
  • Service preparation of PLC board to apply method on existing equipment.


  • Minimum waste of sales lot;
  • Efficient and economical method of citrus fruit juice selection;
  • Possibility of implementation on existing machinery via PLC.