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Metaplate for vibration isolation in electro-mechanical microsystems (MEMS)

MEMSMetaplateperiodic structureVibration isolation


The invention consists of a metaplate for isolation from external vibrations, to be integrated into the interior of existing resonant MEMS devices to improve their performance. It is planned to insert the said isolation metaplate between the silicon layer that houses the resonant MEMS structure. The metaplate consists of a periodic repeat of a unit cell.

Technical features

The invention (TRL 3) exploits the properties of phononic crystals (periodic structures) to attenuate the transmission of elastic/acoustic waves in certain frequency ranges.Specifically, the invention consists of a metaplate (2d phononic crystal) capable of fully attenuating external vibrations in all directions of space (3d bandgap) in the frequency range in which the MEMS resonant device to be isolated operates. External vibrations at the operating frequency of the resonant MEMS device may in fact impair the smooth operation of the device and should be avoided. The metaplate is then fabricated between the silicon layer in which the resonant MEMS device is located and the substrate within the MEMS package.

Possible Applications

  • MEMS industry to solve the problem of external vibration isolation of resonant devices.


  • It integrates seamlessly with existing resonant MEMS devices, without requiring the development of ad-hoc technology.