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MelloBlock is a device that facilitates the handling and administration of substances and/or micro-organisms to Galleria mellonella larvae and other insect species. Through controlled aspiration the larva or insect can be immobilised without causing any damage. The device aims to solve the numerous problems related to the use of larvae in infection studies and in vivo toxicological tests.

Technical features

Insects are increasingly used as infection study models or for the evaluation of toxicity studies, using drugs, substances and / or compounds of natural origin as well as for the evaluation of the anti-infectious, antimicrobial and / or adjuvant properties of antimicrobial therapy of potential chemotherapeutic agents.

The device allows the larvae to be immobilized during the stages of administration, withdrawal or dissection, thus significantly reducing the risks associated during handling. The device drastically reduces the risk of the operator getting injured whilst injecting the larvae with pathogenic microorganisms and / or substances, during sampling and dissection. Furthermore, there is no need to wear protective, anti-needle gloves, as when using other devices; allowing for better handling and facilitating the work. The device, also ensures the comfort of the larva during handling, thus reducing the risk of damage to the larva or stress that could compromise the results of the experiments.

Possible Applications

  • The use of insect models in drug discovery processes;
  • Direct observation or by optical microscopes such as stereomicroscopes, of larvae and arthropods.


  • Reduction of the risk of damage to the larva;
  • Reduction of the risk for the operator during administration;
  • Avoid excessive manipulation;
  • Direct exposure of pseudopods;
  • Regulation of the immobilization force.