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Medical instrument for intrauterine use

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The invention regards an outpatient hysteroscope with simultaneous use of miniaturized ultrasound probe, which consents a complete visualization of uterine walls and contiguous organs.

Technical features

The term hysteroscopy refers to an endoscopic examination that allows a direct view of uterine cavity. This practice represents the diagnostic and therapeutic standard for most endocervical and endocavitary diseases. In last years, a growing interest has been developed for the miniaturization of instrumentation into smaller devices without compromising their therapeutic performance.

The patented technology consists of a miniaturized endoscopic instrument characterized by a video-optical system associated with an ultrasound probe, which allows a better view of uterine cavity compared to devices on market. The technology allows the evaluation of the uterus  and any focal pathologies in their total thickness, overcoming the optical limits of traditional hysteroscopy.

Possible Applications

  • Hysteroscopic examination.


  • More detailed ultrasound lesions’ characterisation;
  • Better visualization of uterine malformations;
  • Accurate perioperative imaging;
  • Greater diagnostic accuracy.