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Mechanical towing for automatic vehicle convoys

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The patent allows a mechanical coupling between vehicles in order to guarantee the safety and operation of a convoy of even 10 vehicles capable of circulating as if it were a single vehicle. This technology therefore allows a single driver in the head vehicle to automatically control the convoy of vehicles connected, revolutionizing the local transport systems with transport services that would otherwise not be feasible.

Technical features

The patented mobile mechanical connection couples two vehicles and transforms them into a convoy that moves like a single unit. By means of an automatic guidance system, the coupled vehicles are able to synchronize automatically with the movements of the head vehicle, ensuring compliance with the trajectory of the head vehicle. The mechanical connection also acts as a safeguard in case of malfunctions and motion “harmonizer”. This system allows single vehicles to form convoys driven by the driver only on the leading vehicle: free-flow car-sharing vehicles can be relocated from areas where they would be stationed for a long time to areas where there is demand, forming a convoy also of 10 vehicles and moving them with one driver; buses can be extended for the central sections of the transport lines with the highest demand without increasing the drivers; transport systems can be created in which small buses gather people on call in the suburbs and form a single convoy that crosses the center with a single driver. The patented coupling mechanism allows passenger transport companies to re-organize their services by means of convoys of vehicles which combine the maintenance of the optimum passenger capacity and the social requirements imposed by pandemic of COVID-19 and the containment measures taken.

Possible Applications

  • Car-sharing services;
  • Logistics and goods distribution companies;
  • Public and private transport with variable capacity.


  • Certified transport system;
  • Responsible automation;
  • Flexible and client-oriented transport system;
  • Efficiency of transport and sharing systems;
  • Management cost reduction, creating capillary and high capacity services.