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measuring sub cellular interactions

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The effectiveness of drug treatments or other therapies is frequently evaluated by its influence on cellular parameters. This patent offers researches a tool with which they will be able to measure contact and distances between organelles, in particular mitochondria and endoplasmic reticulum, in cells and model organisms for in vivo testing, without interfering with their physiology.

Technical features

The interactions between sub cellular organules are object of study in medicine because they represent an important parameter for the evaluation of the effectiveness of drugs or other therapies. Since organules, in particular mitochondria and the endoplasmic reticulum, exchange molecules and compounds they play a fundamental role in maintaining cellular homeostasis and are therefore involved in pathological processes. This patent offers researchers and labs a system that can measure intracellular contact points and distances between organules inferior than 200nm, the limit of confocal or fluorescence microscopy. The patented probe uses splitGFP (modified Green Fluorescent Protein) to view contacts that take place between 10 and 100nm. Compared to Scanning Electron Microscopy, this tool can be used in vivo and in toto on model organisms, for real time monitoring of the effects of drugs and compounds on intracellular interactions

Possible Applications

  • Quantification of contact points and measurement of distances between sub cellular organules.


  • Optimal resolution for the measurement of sub cellular distances (<200nm);
  • Measurement can take place in live cells or in model organisms.