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The present invention relates to a system which allows the measurement of the effects of magnetic fields on the human brain. In particular, the invention refers to the structure of a system comprising a “puppet brain”, that is a device that represents a human brain, designed to represent its electrical behavior.

Technical features

Currently, despite the need to measure an electric field induced by a low-frequency magnetic field, there are no devices or systems that have a simple structure and are reliable from the point of view of measurement,

The systems currently used include electro-optical devices arranged inside liquids, gels or solid materials, which however have a complex structure and are therefore extremely expensive. A further solution is represented by specific software: however, such software is configured to calculate an electric field by means of a numerical simulation which requires a plurality of approximations, as well as a technical competence due to the physical-mathematical representation of a human brain.

In this context, a team of researchers from the University of L’Aquila has developed a system to indirectly measure an electric field induced in a human brain by a low-frequency magnetic field, having a simple structure and a low cost of implementation.

Possible Applications

Sectors where the measurement of low frequency magnetic field sources is needed:

  • Energy production (power plants and electricity transformation stations);
  • Energy transport and distribution (transmission and distribution power lines, overhead and underground. Electrical substations and distribution panels);
  • Public health (public lighting systems).


  • Greater precision in measuring the electric field induced in the human brain of an individual exposed to magnetic fields;
  • Low construction costs;
  • Reliability, thanks also to the simplicity of the system structure.