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Measurement of laser beam stability

Angular stabilityElectromagnetic beamMetrology


The invention describes an innovative method and instrument for direct and autonomous measurement of the inclination and pointing stability of an electromagnetic radiation beam. The system abandons the classic optical approach by adopting an innovative electromechanical beam, for greater compactness, precision and sensitivity.

Technical features

Current systems adopted for measuring the inclination and angular stability of an electromagnetic beam use an optical approach: they consist of lens + CCD camera assembly that often must be associated with optical benches to support the detection system. Such installations have some disadvantages: large size, maximum frequencies detected of only few tens of Hz and having non-optimal angular inclination resolution and measurement accuracy.
This innovative technological solution adopts, instead of the lens-camera system, an electromechanical approach based on the physic of diffraction which allows to reduce the size of the module, to have a more accurate measurement, to gain the ability of detecting frequencies even in the order of MHz and to be able to reach the resolution of angular inclination in the order of nanoradiant range, not obtainable with traditional systems.

Possible Applications

  • Medical, scientific and mechanical/engineering.


  • Compact and portable module;
  • Easy to use;
  • Detect frequencies in the order of MHz;
  • Resolution in the order of nanoradiant range.