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Measurement of breast volume

Measuring deviceMethod of measurementVolume of breast


The invention concerns a measuring device to evaluate the volume of a breast. In detail, the system involves the use of devices particularly and purposely conformed in order to evaluate in a manner more correspondent to reality the volume of the breast.

Technical features

The invention relates to a device for measuring the volume of a breast. The measuring device is constituted by a body having a cavity which functions to receive a breast. The cavity has substantially the shape of a spherical cap and comprises a surface configured to contact the breast. In addition, the body is provided with a hole for receiving the breast nipple when the measuring device is in use. The measuring device is made of a rigid material, so that the shape is not deformed by the pressure exerted by the operator to position the measuring device in contact with the breast. The invention also relates to a method for measuring the volume of a breast using the device.

Possible Applications

  • Field of breast reconstructive surgery post mastectomy;
  • Field of cosmetic surgery:
    • Additive mastoplasty;
    • Reductive mastoplasty;
  • Mastopexy.


  • Low cost;
  • Easy to use and with low measuring time;
  • High precision and accuracy in breast volume measurement, evaluation of the actual amount of breast tissue; reliable;
  • Not invasive;
  • Washable and sterilisable.