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MAYA – Artificial Armour Unit

Concrete Armor UnitRubble mound breakwaterWave energy dissipation


The proposed invention is a good solution to make more efficient and sustainable coastal structures, ensuring a positive impact on the environment by reducing construction costs and times, as well as using recyclable materials. Furthermore, the single-layer block guarantees levels of protection similar to those of the market to be placed in a double layer, obtaining greater economic benefits.

Technical features

Artificial armour unit used for coastal structures.

The basis of the invention is the concept “easy to make”, “easy to place” which consists of:

  • ease to make: the formwork is made through superimposition in an ordered sequence of a plurality of square layers kept in a cubic shape; The layers may be made by using simple and inexpensive manufacturing technologies and with recyclable materials.
  • ease to place: the simple geometric configuration allows the artificial units to be arranged in an optimal way, also in relation to the interlocking conditions, preventing the coupling of the contiguous faces. Independently from the specific position of the single units within the layer, a proper roughness and porosity is guaranteed, thus reducing the run up of wave motion on the outer surface of the structure and favoring energy dissipation.

Possible Applications

  • Civil engineering: environmental hydraulic, maritime and port constructions.


  • Simple geometric structure;
  • Simpler and faster positioning operations;
  • Ease of construction;
  • Use of recyclable materials;
  • Low manufacturing costs.