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Manipulation of magnetic particles in propagating magnetic domain wall circuits

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The invention relates to a system for handling nano-sized magnetic particles for lab-on-chip applications.

Technical features

Conduits of magnetic material of various shapes are lithographed onto a substrate. By doing so, magnetic domain walls can be created and manipulated by means of external magnetic fields, acting as pole attractors for suspended magnetic particles. The controlled displacement of the domain walls thus results in the displacement of the magnetic particles, with a demonstrated spatial resolution of the order of 100 nm. It can be achieved by designing suitable ducts: capturing, transporting and releasing magnetic particles that are suspended in a liquid, in contact with the ducts. As magnetic particles can be functionalized to bind to molecules or cells, the invention forms the basis of a technology platform for on-chip molecular and cellular manipulation.

Possible Applications

  • Medical, pharmaceutical and biochemical fields;
  • On-chip chemical analysis and synthesis;
  • Preparation and purification of biological samples;
  • Single molecule or cell manipulation.


  • Capacity for nanoscale manipulation;
  • Simplicity of the on-chip implementation;
  • Creating 3D circuits in which the magnetic particles can move along a path that can be programmed in real time from the outside and with
  • integrated systems for detecting the passage of the particle;
  • The study and parallel manipulation of molecules or cells to carry out statistically significant processes (of analysis and synthesis) and experiments.