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Mandibular advancement device

Magnets for mandibular masksMandibular propulsionsleep apneaThermoplastic resin polymers


A mandibular advancement device, designed for the treatment of respiratory sleep disorders, both central and obstructive, caused by the partial or total closure of the upper airways. The invention includes a junction component to the mandibular arch and one to the maxillary arch, resistant to the action of chemical agents, and two pairs of magnetic components, designed to induce controlled mandibular propulsion.

Technical features

The mandibular advancement device is advantageously made with moulding technology of plastic and / or polymeric materials suitable for use in the oral cavity and for food contact.The junction components to the mandibular and maxillary arches are able to operate within the oral cavity in a complementary manner and have a structure with thin thicknesses with positive results also for the patient’s comfort. The pairs of magnets, which complete the device, can be made with different shapes and sizes, according to the type of the patient’s oral cavity. They also have a holding force such as to favour a passive mandibular approach.

Possible Applications

  • Dentistry;
  • Treatment of sleep apnea;
  • Treatment of snoring, some forms of temporomandibular joint (TMJ) pain or inflammation, myofascial pain, or bruxism.


  • Easily integrated device into the oral cavity.
  • Less complex and articulated handling systems.
  • Use of materials based on polymers, light and easily integrated into the patient’s mouth.
  • Mechanical characteristics guaranteed by reduced dimensions.
  • Use of magnets inserted in the mandibular masks.
  • Versatile and adaptable device according to the patient’s needs.