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Malt Opt – colored mortars with thermal-optics optimized characteristics

Cool reflective plasterenergy efficiencyESTECHGreen smart materialHistorical building retrofitPassive cooling


The invention is a colored mortar optimized to reflect back solar and thermal radiation: it can be prepared directly on site, mixing two pigments to obtain the desired color saturation. It is suitable for existing buildings in  historical environments, where it is necessary to maintain a specific aspect, by achieving a color as close as possible to the original one, and implement the energy performance, but also for new buildings and urban paving applications.

Technical features

Optimized mortar, with titanium bioxide and other components. The invention can be applied in different colors, also with the same appearance of bricks to retrofi exhisting buildings, also historical ones, as well as new buildings. The aim of the innovative composite material is to reflect solar radiation and to produce a photocatalytic effect, in the panorama of the hot and polluted urban environment. Its adaptability to the specific substrate of the building is of paramount importance, because the «recipe» f the composite material can be customized in situ, to better fit the base layer on which it is applied.With respect to its competitors, it can be mixed and prepared on site, according to the specific formulation required by architectural preservation directives and local site specific application (color consistency, etc.) and can therefore be mixed in a variety of chromatic finishings.

Possible Applications

  • Energy retrofit of the built environment;
  • Architectural restoration;
  • Envelope finishing layer of new buildings;
  • Envelope finishing layer of existing/historical buildings.


  • Suitability for the retrofit of different types of historical facades, able to passively cool such surfaces and contribute to the mitigation of Urban Heat Island and to the natural cooling of buildings;
  • Photocatalytic material, able to lower the content of pollutants in the air.