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MagProBio: coating for tuning the biodegradation rate of magnesium alloys

BiocompatibilityBioresorbable implantMagnesium


The patent refers to a hard anodizing process, carried out in non aqueous solution, designed for the growth of a protective coating on magnesium alloys for the control and tuning of the degradation rate of bioresorbable biomedical devices. The biodegreeding rate is brought to a value that keeps the rate of hydrogen development below the threshold acceptable for applications within the human body.

Technical features

The patent refers to a hard anodizing process (TRL= 3), carried out in a phosphate-containing non aqueous solution, for the growth of a protective coating that allows to tune the degradation rate and ensures the biocompatibility of magnesium alloys for applications in biomedical field. The process is carried out in a solution containing potassium phosphates and glicerol, with a constant temperature of 160°C. Fabrication process can be easily integrated in anodizing plant already present, but using different electrolyte and electric regime, and involves the usage of non toxic and low cost reagents.

Possible Applications

  • Biodegradable implants.


  • Magnesium alloys biocompatibility;
  • Tuning of biodegradation rate;
  • Uniform coating on samples with variable dimensions and geometries;
  • Fabrication process with non toxic and low cost reagents;
  • Easy integration in existing anodizing plants.