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Magnetic shielding for TMS equipment

Diagnosticsmagnetic fieldmagnetic screenshieldTMSTranscranial stimulation


Lightweight screen which can be applied to transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) equipment that does not alter the operator’s dexterity. It is equipped with a semi-rigid calibrated padding, which reduces electrodynamic stresses. The screen reduces operator exposure to magnetic fields generated by a TMS equipment by up to three orders of magnitude.

Technical features

During Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS), patients are exposed to significant amounts of intense pulsed magnetic fields during the diagnostic/therapeutic procedures; inevitably, the operator is also exposures. Often, in order to shield the operator/physician, a support, spacer or stand is used, to protect the operator by means of shielding or putting enough distance between the operator and TMS coil. However, the use of additional supports inhibits the operator’s range of movement, which in turn affects the quality of the diagnostic or therapeutic treatment: often the operators disregards such tools to maximise efficiency during the procedure. In light of this, a screen has been developed, shaped around the TMS coils features (round or butterfly) and effective in terms of reducing the levels of magnetic induction on the operator (up to three orders of magnitude). The screen produces a reverse field to counteract the TMS field, based on induced currents, whilst increasing the focal length of the TMS (see doi: 10.1109 / TMAG.2017.2709402). This new screen does not inhibit the operators dexterity, allowing the diagnostic procedure to be carried out without hindrances: TRL7.

Possible Applications

  • TMS electro-medical equipment;
  • Diagnostic procedures.


  • Reduction of exposure to magnetic fields of TMS device operators;
  • Improvement of the operator’s dexterity;
  • Increased efficiency of diagnostic or therapeutic treatment.