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The innovative idea proposed consists in the manufacturing of a device with an innovative design for the optimal implementation of magnetic forces in the mechanics of dental displacement in traditional orthodontic systems. The magnets used are those based on rare earths (e.g. Nd-Fe-B magnets) also called permanent magnets.

Technical features

The proposed solution is to integrate an arm with magnetic terminal and / or a magnetic tube (coupled magnetic guide) to improve the mechanics of dental movement in the absence of friction and with a physical movement of the tooth, exploiting the attractive and repulsive forces generated between Nd-Fe-B micromagnets in a range of biological forces. The biosafety and durability of the magnetic element present in the device will be ensured by using either a protective metallic cover that encapsulates the element or by a composite multi-layer functional coating. The proposed devices show, compared to previous magnetic devices, an innovative design aimed at minimizing the dimensions, which guarantees an easy and immediate clinical application in traditional and lingual orthodontic systems, guaranteeing an increased resistance to corrosion and also optimizing treatment times. orthodontic.

Possible Applications

  • Industrial applications in the dental field, in particular in the orthodontic and orthognathic surgery sectors.


  • Improved dental movement mechanics;
  • Guaranteed biosafety and durability of the magnetic element;
  • Innovative design;
  • Less bulk.