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MAGICTM: Containment bra for dressings and / or correction for dysmorphia

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MAGIC™ (Mammary Garment Ideal for Camouflage) is a bra conceived and designed for women showing a temporary/permanent breast asymmetry due to volume, shape or size differences after  breast surgery, while having the breast reconstructed with  procedures  who request no  surgical field compression in post operation.

Technical features

MAGIC ™ is a bra with rigid cups in which pads of variable shape and volume customized on the breast volume defect are inserted. The purpose is to provide breast support and camouflage the deformity of the breast area, without interfering with the ongoing breast reconstruction process, with an internal fastener to connect the filling pads to the bra. Wearing MAGIC provides breast support avoiding related postural diseases, with the external appearance of a “normal” breast, camouflaging the temporary deformity without involuntary interference with the plastic surgeon. Pads can be sold with the bra or separately, in order to facilitate the “pad fitting process” to the breast defect that varies over time. For the inner layer, breathable and distensible elastic fibers are used, for example in one or more of the materials known with the trade names of spandex, lycra®, lycra soft®, elastane, Tactel®, Weftlock or other. The outer layer has no seams and is made of natural or synthetic fabric, such as cotton, elastam, polyamide, nylon, tactel, microfibre, spandex, polyester or other, and has no metal inserts to not exert any compression on the breast region . Compared to the known technique, it is possible to customize the product through various pads.

Possible Applications

  • Keep dressings in place after surgery;
  • Breast asymmetries in shape and volume.


  • Uniqueness of the product;
  • Customization on the defect presented by the patient, without exerting undue pressure on the tissues;
  • Wearable in case of very evident breast asymmetry;
  • Production cost like that of a normal bra.