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The invention aims to facilitate the disposal and recovery of the different components of a large household appliance type raee/r2, in particular of a washing machine. The appliance, loaded through the appropriate opening, advances automatically inside the machinery where, thanks to a double cut system, its casing is divided into two parts.

Technical features

Inside each washing machine there are various components: concrete blocks, rubber pipes, circuits and electric motors. In order to properly dispose them, they must be disassembled and separated. Currently the disposal process consists of the manually cutting of the outer casing of the washing machine, the manual disassembly of some parts and then the shredding of the remaining part. After shredding some materials are still separated. The proposed cutting machine allows to automatically cut the outer casing of the washing machine in order to easily disassemble the various internal parts to be recovered or disposed.

Possible Applications

  • Cutting the washing machines casings in waste disposal centers;
  • Cutting of the casings of other appliances in the waste disposal centers.


  • Automation of the cutting phase of the washing machine casing to facilitate the disassembly of the various parts, in particular the concrete blocks;
  • Safety for the worker who no longer has to carry out the cut manually;
  • Possibility of recovering or disposing of internal components.