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Luminescent solar concentrator for hydrogen production

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The invention consists in the use of a luminescent solar concentrator (LSC) coupled with solar cells, in series and / or parallel, as an energy conversion device for the production of hydrogen through water electrolysis. The   LSC is connected to an electrochemical cell, for example to store energy through the production of hydrogen, to recharge a conventional battery or to recharge a flow battery.

Technical features

The invention refers to the application of a solar energy conversion device, based on a luminescent concentrator, to the production of hydrogen by electrolysis. In particular, the apparatus consists of a luminescent solar concentrator to which several solar cells are integrated, in series and/or parallel, whose poles are externally connected to an electrochemical cell or directly immersed in a water-based electrolyte. When illuminated, the device generates sufficient driving force to perform electrolysis, producing hydrogen. The system can be also integrated with other electrochemical storage systems such as batteries. Solar cells can be connected in a module. The number of solar cells in a module can vary depending on the photovoltaic technology considered (Si, CIGS, CdTe, CZTS, GaAs, hybrids, etc.). The voltage generated must be greater than the thermodynamic barrier necessary to promote the electrochemical reaction.

Possible Applications

  • Construction both indoors and outdoors;
  • Smart windows;
  • Car windows or lights;
  • Hand-held products.


  • Ability to work even in diffused light conditions (therefore indoor or urban lighting);
  • Easy integration in buildings, mobile systems, or products already on the market;
  • Possibility to produce and store energy.