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Luminescent Bismuth Silicates

Anti-counterfeitingLuminescent bismuth silicatesNon-linear optical propertiesRGB light emissionsUp-conversion


The invention relates to luminescent compounds of lanthanide/Yb doped bismuth silicates that present a crystalline structure and are characterized by non-linear optical properties. Particularly these compounds are capable of emitting red, green and blue (RGB) up-conversion light emissions following IR or NIR excitation.

Technical features

The invention concerns the synthesis of a category of crystalline compounds of the family of bismuth silicates that, opportunely doped with lanthanide ions, show efficient upconversion (UC) luminescence properties in the visible range with the possibility to easily tune the chromaticity output to customize the optical response.
Compare to the state of the art fluorides based UC materials, this class of upconverting compounds show the advantage to be characterized by a low toxicity, higher thermal stability and easy compatibility with technological advanced silicon-based devices.
These compounds find a wide range of applications, both industrial (e.g. lighting, solar energy, anti-counterfeiting) and biomedical (e.g. bio-imaging, nanomedicine).

Possible Applications

  • Anti-counterfeiting systems;
  • Optical thermometer for glass/ceramic substrates;
  • Radiopaque materials as contrast agents;
  • Nanosystems for dual-imaging;
  • IR-activated lighting;
  • Solar energy.


  • Easily integrated in high temperature processes and silicon oxide based devices;
  • Customizable with tunable upconverting emissions;
  • Low toxicity;
  • Simple manufacturing process;
  • Low cost.