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Lower limb wearable robot

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The present invention is a lower limb wearable robotic system able to support the flexion/extension movements of the hip and knee joints for rehabilitation applications, during treadmill-based robotic therapy, or for gait assistance, during daily life activities. The structure of the system improves ergonomics and wearability and guarantees a natural walking pattern.

Technical features

The invention consists of a wearable robot able to provide assistance to the hip and knee joints for flexion/extension movements. The device, contrary to common solutions, is characterized by a non-anthropomorphic kinematic structure, i.e. that does not replicate the human musculoskeletal system, allowing high robustness against possible misalignments between robotic and human joint rotation axes, improving ergonomics and minimizing mounting time. The system also allows minimizing unwanted painful interaction forces and maximizing user’s comfort. Compliant actuators are included to guarantee intrinsic safety and to accurately regulate the forces delivered to the subject. Their location reduces the interference to the natural human movement during the phases where robotic assistance is not needed.

Possible Applications

  • Robotic therapy in neurorehabilitation;
  • Gait assistance during daily life;
  • Load lifting assistance in industrial environment;
  • Fitness and lower limb muscles augmentation.


  • Optimized human-robot kinematic compatibility;
  • Improved ergonomics and wearability;
  • Robustness against mounting misalignments;
  • Reduced resistance to user’s active motions;
  • Natural walking patterns;
  • Adjustable physical assistance.