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The invention consists of a technique for the fabrication of organic transistor operating at low voltages on plastic substrates.
This technique is related to the combination of ultra-thin inorganic dielectrics grown by techniques working in ambient conditions and of organic insulating materials deposited at room temperature.

Technical features

The invention consists of the definition of a fabrication procedure for organic transistors operating at low voltages on plastic substrates using industrial-like techniques compatible with ambient condition operation. This technique is based on the combination of insulating materials, namely an ultra-thin metal oxide (in the range of the nanometer) that can be grown in ambient conditions, and of an organic dielectic (with a thickness of few tens of nanometers) that can be deposited at room temperature by chemical vapor deposition.

The combination of these materials allows the reliable and reproducible fabrication of organic transistor capable to be operated in the range of 1 V. Starting from the basic transistor structure, we obtain sensors for chemical-physical parameters that can be distributed in the environment or worn by people.

Possible Applications

  • Flexible electronics;
  • Wearable electronics;
  • Smart packaging;
  • Internet of things;
  • Transparent electronics.


  • Portability of fabricated devices;
  • Possibility of fabrication on flexible plastic substrates;
  • Possibility of reliable device fabrication on large areas;
  • Easy fabrication;
  • Up-scaling of the techniques to the industrial size.