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Long distance communication system

High-density informationInformatica Tsd EnInterferometerLong distance transmission


The two patents protect inventions concerning an innovative method for the remote transmission of information and a device (interferometer), designed to be able to exploit this method to its full potential, allowing to overcome the limits of current technology and transmit high density information at over very long distances. The method is based on the multiplexing of radiation with orbital angular momentum and is applicable in the field of optical communications and in transmissions with optical fiber, radio waves and microwaves in free space propagation.

Technical features

The currently used long-distance telecommunication systems of high-intensity information have transmission limits imposed by both geometric factors, such as transmitter-receiver misalignments which create problems in long-distance detection, and environmental factors, such as wavefront distortions in free-space propagation. These limits have been overcome thanks to the invention of a method based on the use of radiation beams with orbital angular momentum having different topological charges and different frequencies associated with interferometric and multiplexing techniques, and of an interferometer which, by mounting an improved optical system, is able to optimize the use of the devised method. The method allows the decoding of information by exploiting any portion of the received beam: this feature is of utmost importance for long-distance transmissions in which only a portion of the transmitted beam is accessible. Data and information can therefore be transmitted over longer distances even in the presence of external vibrations or with air refractive index variations. In addition, the information encoding and decoding processes allow the use of the system also for encrypted communications.

Possible Applications

  • Long distance telecommunications;
  • Telecommunications in the aerospace sector (both satellite-satellite and satellite-Earth).


  • Possibility of transferring data and information over very long distances;
  • Technology adaptable to different transmission systems (optical fiber, microwave, radio waves);
  • Ability to transfer high-density information.