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Lithium /oxygen battery

Energy storageFlow batteryLi/air batteryLi/O2 batterySemi-solid flow batterySemi-solid flowable electrode


Lithium/oxygen non-aqueous semi-solid flow battery that combines the high energy density of lithium/air batteries with the flexibility of redox flow batteries.

Technical features

The invention claims a  novel, low cost, semi-solid catholyte for Li/O2 batteries, as well as its use in non-aqueous semi-solid flow Li-O2 battery (SFLOB) that combines the high energy density of Li/O2 battery with the flexible and scalable architecture of redox flow batteries. The cell operates with a flowable catholyte based on organic electrolyte and carbonaceous suspended particles, fed with O2 and pumped through the cell, and  finally with a lithium metal anode.

Possible Applications

  • Batteries for large stationary energy storage (renewable energy plants);
  • Sustainable mobility (public and private) including automotive, airplanes, rail and drones.


  • High voltage operation;
  • Power and energy capabilities independently scaled;
  • Exceptionally high discharge capacity;
  • Projected energy density 3-5 time higher than conventional Li-ion batteries;
  • High operational and design flexibility;
  • Low costs.