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Lightweight screed from end-of-life sport facility artificial grass

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Mixture for lightweight screeds comprising binder, mineral aggregates and recycled plastic aggregates comprising elastomers and additives, in which the mineral and synthetic aggregates range between 70% and 75% by weight of the mixture and derive, at least partially , from treatment of end-of-life artificial grass pavements for sport facilities

Technical features

Novel ready-to-use mixture for non-structural screeds with high thermal insulation capability and water vapour permeability. The mixture can be adopted for both new and existing buildings. The mixture aggregates are, for the main part, constituted by mineral and elastomeric grains and polymeric fibres retrieved from the treatment of end-of-life artificial turf pitches used in sport facilities. The large adoption of recycled components imparts remarkable thermal insulating capability, which makes it particularly suitable for the insulation of bedding screeds in civil floors. The product is therefore ideal for meeting regulatory and public procurement requirements concerning environmental protection and energy saving. This technology is validated in  laboratory, TRL=4

Possible Applications

  • Production of pre-mixed products packaged in bags;
  • Thermo-insulating substrates for new constructions or restoration of existing buildings;
  • Substrates for external terraces above residential areas or offices.


  • High recycled fraction in the mixture (70-75% by mass);
  • No need of impactful chemical treatments on the aggregates;
  • High thermal insulation capacity;
  • Low cost;
  • Ready for use on the building site.