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Lighting device _ MODULED

Design-driven lampLED lightingLightweight lampMultifunctional lampPortable lamp


Lamp based on the use of LED technology with the following characteristics: portable, lightweight, multifunctional, design-driven. It can be used as a table lamp (table, bedside table); as a portable lamp (nomadic); as a courtesy lamp (night, absence).

Technical features

The proposed device implements a lighting system which comprises a support and recharge base and one or more LED illuminating modular elements, preferably rod shaped, which are removable and connected to each other and / or to the base. The modular elements are advantageously provided, in addition to the LED device and the elements of connection, a system of rechargeable batteries. In a first possible use mode, the device can be used as a table, wall or floor lamp. In a second possible mode of use, it is possible to extract one or more modular elements and use them as a torch. This characteristic results particularly useful in case ones wants to illuminate an environment without sources of power supply or to direct light into a precise direction.

Possible Applications

  • Home;
  • Office;
  • Outdoor.


  • Multifunctional, fixed or portable lighting device;
  • The modular lighting elements can be proposed in different embodiments;
  • The lamp can be composed and broken down by the user.