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Light intensity control in a tunnel

Adaptive IlluminationClosed loopDynamic IlluminationRoad tunnelWireless sensors network


The invention is a system for controlling the light intensity in a road tunnel based on internal illumination, acquired in a dense and distributed fashion via a wireless sensor network. The system comprises a set of illumination devices, actuators regulating them, sensors for measuring illumination integrated in wireless devices, and controlling means.

Technical features

The new technology consists of a methodology for dynamic illumination of tunnels. The system is based on a wireless sensor network (WSN) that gathers measurements of light intensity inside and outside the tunnel. Based on a control algorithm, these data are elaborated and compared in real time against the desired light level, to activate the dynamic control of each individual illumination device in the tunnel. This achieves optimal lighting in the tunnel, based both on the external atmospheric conditions and on the status of the internal lamps.

Possible Applications

  • Dynamic tunnel lighting;
  • Light controlling and monitoring;
  • Transition Enviroments lighting.


  • Energy saving in tunnel lighting;
  • Optimal lighting;
  • Economical and multifunctional wireless measurement system;
  • Easy installation, as wires are absent;
  • Dense controlling and monitoring of lighting parameters.