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CirrhosisHepatic fibrosisHepatoprotective Tetrahydropyridazine


This patent is aimed at the use of a derivative of tetrahydropyridazine as a hepatoprotector. The parenteral administration of this drug (in the preclinical phase) has shown an inhibitory action and limiting the development of liver fibrosis with a reduction in the incidence of related neurological damage to cirrhosis.

Technical features

Liver cirrhosis is a very common chronic disease in our country, where it is one of the most important causes of death and involves high social costs. This pathology is characterized by fibrosis and the conversion of the normal liver architecture into structurally abnormal nodules. So far, resolutive therapies are not available except liver transplantation. Our research group has identified the hepatoprotective effect of a drug already on the market for a completely different indication. This drug has shown in the preclinical phase an inhibitory action and limiting the development of liver fibrosis and is probably able to prevent complications, thus modifying the prognosis of the disease, both in terms of survival and quality of life.

Possible Applications

  • Treatment or prevention of liver fibrosis;
  • Prevention of complications in liver cirrhosis (hepatic encephalopathy and cirrhotic cardiomyopathy;
  • Analysis of new administration strategies and possible changes in the pharmacological structure.


  • Developing a direct antifibrotic effect on the liver opens up a new possibility of marketing a drug already on the market;
  • Pharmacological forms and alternative administration systems are possible for a drug whose safety profile has already been studied.