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Led system for microalgae grow-up

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The invention proposes a new method for providing artificial lighting to growth systems of photosyntetic organisms. Inspired by the latest LED lighting technologies, the invention implements the growth efficiency of microalgae within an artificially illuminated pressure hydraulic circuit while maintaining a rather compact structure.

Technical features

The system consists of an highly compact structure in which two alveolar panels are inserted for the cultivation under pressure of photosyntethicorganisms. The two panels are separatedby a bi-emissive optical guide which determines an efficient mixing of the different wavelengths generated by LED, located at the top and at the bottom of the guide itself, ensuring on all its surface an high uniformity both in terms of light spectrum and of radiant power. It is possible, by means of an appropriate control logic, to operate precision adjustments both on the composition and on the dynamic changes through time of the light spectrum in order to optimize the production of biomass according to the species and the growth phase of the cultivated photosyntethicorganism.

Possible Applications

  • CO2 biofixation;
  • Nutraceutical/ Pharmaceutical/ Cosmetics;
  • Phyco purification;
  • Energy recovery;
  • Floriculture reconversion.


  • Optimization of growth processes;
  • Reduction of growth times;
  • Reduction of consumption;
  • Contiguity with natural ligthing;
  • Realization of light-stress scenarios;
  • Possibility of modulation of the system size according to the production target.